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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I replace a Module on the Paramount Water Valves?
    Six-Port single valve system First try clearing debris from the module by carefully taking it out and moving it rapidly side to side in the pool water. If your valve is equipped with a pressure gauge confirm that it is working. When replacing a pressure gauge never use thread tape, use a thread paste and do not over tighten as this could break the lid. The water valve when active needs 14 to 20 psi on the pressure gauge to work properly. The closer to 20 psi it is the better the system works. On multiple valves the valve with the lowest pressure is the reading you are looking for. A bad piston on a water valve can cause low pressure.

    Only service the water valve when pump is turned off. Remove the clamp and lid and lift out the module (it is a one piece unit).

    On a single water valve the module is part number 004-302-4408-00 and it can go in any one of six positions. Place the module in the base and turn it until the pins on the bottom of the module drop in place.

    Note; when replacing a module we suggest you replace the valve O-ring part number 005-302-0100-00 and when tightening the clamp you must tap on the side of the clamp opposite the nut you are tightening to make sure it is drawing up properly. NEVER stand over any pool equipment when restarting the pool pump.

    On two valves side by side the module is a special 4-port module on the slave valve. It will have tubes on the top of three of the pistons connecting them together. This module must be placed in the valve base so the tubes are directly over the two plugged openings with the opening between them plumbed to the other valve. Follow the note above when putting the valve lid back on.

    Three valves together means that normally the center valve is a slave valve and requires a special module called a 2-port 5-gear part number 004-302-4402-00. This module has a tube connecting three pistons on one side and three pistons on the other side and it must be placed so the connected pistons are centered over the two open ports on each side of the valve base. Follow the note above when putting the valve lid back on.

    Some separate spas and negative edge basins have a 2-port 4 gear module part number 004-302-4400-00 it gets placed the same way as the 2-port 5 gear above.

    Module FAQs

  • Can I get the rubber diaphragms that are inside the 6-port module?
    We have made major changes to the design of the module and its piston assembly and all of the old design diaphragms are no longer available. The new ones do not fit so a module replacement (which still fits the old bases) is the only option.
  • Does it matter how the module on my 6-port module (part number 004-302-4408-00) is lined up on the pinholes of the base?
    If you have only one water valve with 6 pipes plus a pipe in the center then any one of six ways will work.
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